Why this site?

I am a Dutch woman who loves to write and share, and I already blog in Dutch since 2004. Since a few years through this site: katjalinders.nl
English always felt like a natural language for me too, and a few months into my 2016-adventure in Ireland, I decided to make an English site as well. English is not my native language, so there might be some wrong use of words or grammatical faults.

My view of life

The world is an even nicer and better place if people take the time to listen better to their heart, take their interests and talents seriously and will do what which feels good. With care for themselves, others and the world. With at least a touch of humor, self-knowledge, openness and willingness to learn.
If you know what you are (not) good at, what makes your heart (not) beat faster and how to make choices based on that, it can provide more pleasure, satisfaction, love, peace and connection.

My adventure

May 2016 I decided to follow my heart and combine a few dormant desires. The plan: quit my rent, get rid of loads of stuff, leave The Netherlands for a while and go to Ireland to do some voluntary projects for room and board. My adventure started at the beginning of August 2016.

I started as a volunteer at the beautiful Dzogchen Beara, a Buddhist meditation and accomodation center in the middle of nowhere, left, came back and stayed longer. My Ireland-adventure ended the end of December 2017. Read my story about it in this blogpost.

It was a great and life-changing-experience. Learning more about myself, people and life,  feeling room to expand myself as a human all the time.

Why is this site called ‘Happy without reason’?

Because I experience time after time that enjoying life can be a choice. And if I’m really tapping into the energy of life, there are plenty of moments where I can be happy, sometimes without an obvious reason. (And there are also periods in my life that I can’t seem to tap into that state of mind).

Questions? Remarks? Something to share?

You can mail me at katja @ katjalinders.nl
And feel welcome to look at my pictures on my Flickr and Instagram.

Katja Linders