Collecting words and quotes

For more than 2 decades now I am collecting sentences and quotes. In this time I filled lots of journals with thoughts, observations and sentences that I heard or read somewhere. I didn’t have a special purpose or meaning for it. I just had to keep them somewhere. Later in my life -about 13 years ago- I started my first own blog. That was great! Now I could actually share some of the thoughts and sentences that I came across.

A few years ago I also started to gather sentences and quotes in an online document. Handy, this way I could find them easier when I was looking for inspiration for myself or for the workshops, talks and online courses that I gave for a few years.

Yesterday I pasted all those notes in a word document and I saw that it was 60 pages. Wow, 60 pages of words that I found worthwhile to keep them with me for a little while longer. I love to browse through them from time to time.

They remind me of who I am, what I find important in live and the things I need to be reminded off from time to time. They keep me grounded, happy, alert and aware.

Maybe other people can benefit from them too. That’s why I shared them through Pinterest and I keep updating my quotes page on this site. And today the idea was born to every now and then pick a quote and base a new blog article around it. You can subscribe to this site if you want to receive my updates.

And feel free to share – in the comments or by email- some of your favorite quotes!