Yes, I am from Dutchland

One of my fellow volunteers here always jokingly said that I am from Dutchland. Before I came here I never really realized how confusing all the names for my country are.

I am from The Netherlands. Sometimes we call it Holland (although that is not really accurate, since officially that is only correct for two provinces of the country. But it is a well known word, so I use it as well). As a French girl said: ‘And we call your country Pays-Bas’.

All these words. And then the people are called Dutch. Another word.

So where do I come from? The Netherlands. Holland. And sometimes Dutchland.

By the way: I discovered where the term Dutch came from. You can read it here.

4 thoughts on “Yes, I am from Dutchland

  1. Christine

    Hey Katja sorry I didn’t get to say goodbye right at the very end. I wish you well on your travels and for your next adventure. Love Christine

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