Do I let this sound bother me?

I’m very sensitive, especially when it comes to sound. I have good hearing too, so I often hear a distant sound that people next to me don’t hear. Or notice.

There were times that I wanted all sounds and noises that annoyed me to stop. Ofcourse that’s not how it works.

Luckily I found other ways. Thanks to meditation and all sorts of mindfulness.

I take a deep breath and feel if it really bothers me, or of it’s just an old automatic reaction.

If it does bother me I can choose from a variety of options:
– focus on something else so it diffuses
– go sit somewhere else
– stay were I am and put headphones with music or affirmations on

It feels so much better to know that I have a choice in how to react and respond, instead of feeling overwhelmed. Or putting energy in directing negative thoughts towards the sound/person(s) while hoping that it stops soon.

I choose how I direct my attention. I choose how I direct my energy.