How it started

Halfway May 2016 I decided to follow my heart and combine a few dormant desires. I quit my rent, got rid of loads of stuff and decided to leave The Netherlands to go to Ireland for a few months to do some voluntary projects for room and board.

The day after i made this decision a friend of me told me that a friend of him came back from Ireland a few months before with stories about a beautiful place he visited for a few days. Maybe I could give him a call? I did. The friend went to Dzogchen Beara, a Tibetan Buddhist center on the cliffs in Ireland. After a look at their website i felt that i would like to go there.

After they received my application form for their Work Exchange programme i got an invitation for a Skype interview. That went well and i was offered a position for a minimum of two months, and possible a bit longer.

This was great! My first project was set.

I would start there the beginning of August. The next following weeks i let go of more and more things and prepared for my time away. Not only physically away, but also a little bit off the grid. I decided to take my old mobile phone with me (instead of my smartphone), and to be less online for a few months. So no looking at or posting on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and my own site. It would be a good environment for that, because there was hardly mobile phone reception and no wi-fi. Only a voluntary laptop that i could occasionally use. I was looking forward to go away from the things, people and habits that i was used to. To experience how that would be. A few months of cleaning, meditating, working with new people and all that in another country than my own.

I’m here for more than three months now.

It is an interesting, nice, beautiful and sometimes challenging place to be. And since a few weeks i am slowly getting more online. First i started with sharing pictures again. The urge to write and share my thoughts and observations is always there. So i decided to start blogging again. For now i continue in English. On this new site. With thoughts and observations from the past months. And everything that comes up from now. It was an interesting journey so far!

Why this name for the site? Because i experience time after time that enjoying life can be a change of mind. And if i’m really tapping into the energy of life, there are plenty of moments where i can by happy, sometimes without an obvious reason.

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