It is easy to learn something new

I realised that today, when I was weaving living willow. I had never done that before, up until this morning. And at the end of the day I knew how to do it and already had a few hours of experience.

Ofcourse, it is easy for me to learn new things, because my life is a letting-go-adventure since I left my house last August. It is easier for someone to learn new things when you’re not surrounded by everything and everyone that you’re used to. At least, that’s how it works for me. In a new environment it is much easier to think ‘I might be able to learn this new skill’, because everything is changing all the time anyway.

This way I give myself room te explore myself more and more.

Although today, while weaving the willow, I realised that it is actually this easy to learn something new. You just have to start somewhere. Help someone with something. Decide to take a first step. Ask a friend if you can see how they do it. Read a book about it and go do it. Watch a video and practice. Improve your skill by be a volunteer. Ask your colleague to explain a new thing.

And you don’t have to be good at it from the start.

It is about learning. Practicing. Playing with it. Exploring if it is something you would like to learn more about. Or not.

I am giving myself loads of opportunities at the moment, because since a week I am volunteering at a new project in Ireland: Crann Og Eco Farm. Already in one week I know so much more about ecological living, animals, cooking and gardening.

So, what do you want to learn and when will you start with that?