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We humans are in this together

Everyone you meet has their own battles, joys, doubts, pleasures, worries, questions, insecurities and achievements.

No one on earth is here to do you wrong.

You are the one that can think so.

What do other people trigger in you, ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

What lesson may their being, their presence, their long or very short stay in your life tea8ch you, if you allow it?

If you think you have all the answers, you are not open to learn more.

Other people and situations are like mirrors: they are as they are. You are the one that gives it meaning, a background, a story.

Stay open to learn, appreciate everyone you meet.

Because you never know who or what will give you a valuable lesson or insight to keep growing as a human.

“Imagine that everyone is enlightened except you. The people you meet are all here to teach you something.”
Richard Carlson-  Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Taking your body for granted

The body is such an amazing thing. Sometimes it takes something not to work to notice that again‘, said the nice doctor. I nodded at him and looked at my right hand. So did the doctor. So did the nurse.

So it was just established: my ring finger was strained. I had a trigger finger. It had to rest for at least 7 days. Maybe 10. The nurse taped my ring finger and middle finger together, so that my injured finger could rest. No moving. No pressure. So that everything in my finger could heal. 

How did it happen?

Looking back, i realized that i carried to much heavy things for the last weeks. With just that one finger instead of the whole hand. I didn’t knew i did that, until it became a problem. My finger hurt. And i couldn’t close it totally without ‘popping’ it.

So now it had to rest. Quit a challenge when it is your job to clean. Because that is what i’m mostly doing here as a hostel-volunteer. So it was a challenge. Physically and mentally. Physically, because some things i just couldn’t do with just one hand. Like changing duvet covers. So my colleagues had to do that instead of me. That was also part of the mental challenge: i had to ask for help. I couldn’t do everything that i was used to do.

Without the use of those two taped fingers things like: tie my shoelaces, washing my hair, wash and dry dishes, cutting fruit, writing and typing were more difficult to do. That was exhausting and sometimes frustrating. Bust mostly accepting that this was how it was. And letting go.

A lot of letting go.

The visit to the doctor is about two weeks ago now. A few days ago i noticed that my finger can close again. Most of the times. The finger is not completely healed, but it’s better. Once again the amazing body is healing itself.