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We humans are in this together

Everyone you meet has their own battles, joys, doubts, pleasures, worries, questions, insecurities and achievements.

No one on earth is here to do you wrong.

You are the one that can think so.

What do other people trigger in you, ‘good’ or ‘bad’?

What lesson may their being, their presence, their long or very short stay in your life tea8ch you, if you allow it?

If you think you have all the answers, you are not open to learn more.

Other people and situations are like mirrors: they are as they are. You are the one that gives it meaning, a background, a story.

Stay open to learn, appreciate everyone you meet.

Because you never know who or what will give you a valuable lesson or insight to keep growing as a human.

“Imagine that everyone is enlightened except you. The people you meet are all here to teach you something.”
Richard Carlson-  Don’t sweat the small stuff.

To learn what you (don’t) want

So in the last weeks I learned so much at my voluntary place, Crann Og Eco Farm. I got to know myself better. I learned a few new skills. And to my surprise I discovered that I actually didn’t enjoy some things that I longed for since a long time. You know, those things that you think you like and you daydream about them. Sometimes you need to know what you don’t want in order to know what you do want.

Like peace and quiet. One of those things I always  wanted more off. And now I am here, at this place with just a few people, and I actually miss more people around me. Or at least the possibility of people to observe or talk to. Somehow it makes me more connected to myself.

Another thing is that I imagined myself in a little house in the woods, maybe even off-grid, back to nature. And at my current volunteer place I actually had the change to stay in a carabin (wooden house and caravan combined) in the big garden. And I passed. To actually make my own fire to be warm at night and to leave the building to go to the toilet, nope, that didn’t sound tempting at all. So I stayed in a bedroom in the main house.

One thing I never realized before I went here, is that I need the possibility to look in the distance. Like at the sea, cliffs or near a big river. My souls needs it. I need it. I like the forrest and the garden here, but I miss a bigger view.

Crann Og Eco Farm

All this, and a few other reasons, made it clear to me that I wanted to go to another voluntary place after a month here. So about two weeks ago I browsed through interesting projects at HelpX and Workaway. There are so many possibilities!

And with my new knowledge about myself, I knew better what to search for. I got in touch with few places. Most of them didn’t have a place in the timeframe I was looking for. Others didn’t really match I discovered after some mailing. In the meantine I was also in touch with my former manager at Dzogchen Beara, the place were I volunteered for almost half a year.

And end of this week I am going back there to volunteer! A few weeks working and living in the hostel again. And a few weeks assisting with accomodation manager tasks when someone is on holiday. I will also get a more private place to life then. I am really looking forward to that place that feels like home, the people, the meditating, the great lunches and the beautiful view. Time for new experiences on a familiar place. And I take all the new skills and nice memories I made at the places where I am now with me.

The cliffs at Dzogchen Beara

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It is easy to learn something new

I realised that today, when I was weaving living willow. I had never done that before, up until this morning. And at the end of the day I knew how to do it and already had a few hours of experience.

Ofcourse, it is easy for me to learn new things, because my life is a letting-go-adventure since I left my house last August. It is easier for someone to learn new things when you’re not surrounded by everything and everyone that you’re used to. At least, that’s how it works for me. In a new environment it is much easier to think ‘I might be able to learn this new skill’, because everything is changing all the time anyway.

This way I give myself room te explore myself more and more.

Although today, while weaving the willow, I realised that it is actually this easy to learn something new. You just have to start somewhere. Help someone with something. Decide to take a first step. Ask a friend if you can see how they do it. Read a book about it and go do it. Watch a video and practice. Improve your skill by be a volunteer. Ask your colleague to explain a new thing.

And you don’t have to be good at it from the start.

It is about learning. Practicing. Playing with it. Exploring if it is something you would like to learn more about. Or not.

I am giving myself loads of opportunities at the moment, because since a week I am volunteering at a new project in Ireland: Crann Og Eco Farm. Already in one week I know so much more about ecological living, animals, cooking and gardening.

So, what do you want to learn and when will you start with that?